January First Will Not Get You What You Want

January is a time of thinking, a time of planning. You look back at the past year. What was great? What was hard? What did I accomplish? Where did I fail miserably? You also look forward. What would I like to do? Who would I like to be? How can I improve? This year, most of us have been sick for a while so we haven’t really even gotten around to doing our usual New Year’s stuff. That’s ok. There is actually nothing special about the first day of the year. You can start anything anytime.

While a new year is a great motivator, you won’t make it on just motivation.  The month is nearing and end already and many will not be any closer to anything. In these next few posts, I’ll be covering some common goals and tips to set yourself up for success any time of the year.

Before starting any goal, set up your surroundings to encourage what you want to do. If you want to work more on your crafting, have a space for it and your supplies ready. Is there something you can prepare the night or day before to set yourself up for success? Sleep in your workout clothes. Pack a lunch so you won’t eat out.

What is something you can do for your future self?

Here is my coffee…that I should set the timer for the night before.

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